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Reisastua Lodge, Reisa River

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Reisastua Lodge Reisastua Lodge

Reisastua Lodge holds a unique position close to the riverbank, almost half way up the Reisa River.  The owner, Roar, is an unrivalled host who treats his guests royally.  He offers packages for early, middle and late season fishing, all within an eight weeks period.  A stay here and fishing the Reisa River gives anyone the opportunity for a record-breaking fishing experience.



Fishing the Reisa

Reisastua Lodge offers a rare opportunity to fish a river that combines the best qualities and features of the Alta, Gaula, Orkla, Stjørdal and other Norwegian rivers. The lower parts offer superb fishing with inviting 150-200 metre pools and good wading conditions - the place for classic fly fishing.

The upper part, with the spectacular scenic canyon and cascading waterfalls, offers a different ‘stop and try this pool’ approach; river guides beach their long, sleek riverboats before recommending their chosen hot-spot.

During the first four weeks of the season, normally (1 - 28 July), the Reisastua Lodge offers selected fishing on the lower pools of the river. This can also be combined with one or two days on the upper part of the river with its breath-taking canyon scenery. This arrangement is for four rods only, with one guide and river boat per two anglers.

The arrangement for the following five weeks of the season, normally 28 July - 31 August is three days lower-river and three days upper-river fishing, again with a maximum of six rods with one guide and boat per two rods. 

In 2010, 47% of the total catch of 1,797 salmon weighed more than 7.0 kilos (15.4 lb.). 436 salmon weighed 10.0 kilos (22lb) or more and 64 salmon weighed 15.0 kilos (33lb.) or over. The largest salmon weighed 23.0 kilos (51.0lb.). The 2011 results reaffirm the Reisa River as a world class river in terms of salmon size and average weight. The season’s record breaker was a 23.5 kilos (51.7lb.) cock salmon and the average of the top 10 salmon was 18.9 kilos (41.5 lb.).
Robert Bjorklund, with a 40-pounder, July 2010. <<<<< Click to see video.


Fishing rights and regulations

For administration and fishing purposes, the river is divided into 19 zones - ten on the lower part and nine on the upper part – the latter only accessible by river-boat (or by punishing walking). The lower part of the river is more easily reached from local roads although using a river boat provides greater flexibility and the best accessibility to both banks.

The salmon fishing rights derive from 1848 when a local widow, Mrs Hysing, as a legacy, gave the salmon fishing rights to the population of the Reisa municipality. The rights were to be managed by its administration. However, this started a period of legal wrangling until the rights were finally confirmed by the Trondhjem regional court in 1896.

Changes to the Norwegian salmon fisheries Act of 1994 caused management modifications and from 1996 the river has been run by a board of trustees, elected from riperian owners, Reisa residents and stakeholders. Nevertheless, Mrs Hysing’s principle for the fishing still stands that the fishing should be based on equal opportunities on the river and include fishing for interested locals.

Today’s situation is very simple with regards to fishing opportunities and access. Anyone can acquire day permits and enjoy 85 kilometres (60 miles) double bank of easy fishing with good wading and have the opportunity to catch a true trophy fish. A maximum of 127 day permits can be issued on the 19 zones throughout the season and a handful of local people may turn up here and there from time to time. It is an uncommon situation that all permits are taken and all zones fully occupied.

Thanks to Mrs Hysing, the local population and other keen salmon anglers have enjoyed salmon fishing since 1896. In early times, it provided a stable food source to the locals during hardship periods and gradually the fishing became a source for leisure activity and good sport for locals and visitors alike as Reisa River attracted more and more domestic and international interest. In 1927, the local authority, after intense local debate and commotion, decided to lease for one season the entire river to the second Duke of Westminster and his entourage. For what now seems the meagre sum of NOK 25,000 (broadly £2,500) the lease arrangement provided the local authority with 1/8 of its total revenue that year.


The Reisa is a BIG fish river! See video above.




Reisastua Lodge is a timber/stone lodge, built in traditional Norwegian country style and located in a beautiful setting overlooking the river and half-way up the salmon running stretch. On the ground floor there is a large combined lounge/dining area and kitchen. Three bedrooms, separated from the lounge/dining area, and sharing one large bathroom/toilet make up the rest of the ground floor. There are two bedrooms and one good size bathroom/toilet on the first floor. The five bedrooms sleep four to five guests comfortably.

When six people are staying, the additional person will have a single bedroom in the annexe, just across the veranda from the main lodge and comprising of two more bedrooms with one bathroom/toilet. Added to this, is a good size sauna, laundry room and outdoor Jacuzzi. Outside, between the lodge and the annexe, facing the river and landscape beyond, is a spacious veranda. The basement of the annexe contains generous space for fishing equipment, clothing and freezer capacity for kept catches.


Northern Norway is famous for its abundant fish and game supplies. The cooks, Wenke and Vidar, are particularly keen on making the most of produce from nature’s larder, so anglers can look forward to good, fresh and nourishing food. As fishing starts at 10.00 in the morning, there is ample time for a leisurely breakfast. Lunch, the main meal of the day, will be served at the lodge around 14.00. A good break in the afternoon allows all anglers to fish the evenings well into the ‘day-light night’ and thus have two undisrupted good fishing daily sessions - morning/pre-lunch and evening/night.


Reisastua Lodge is 20 minutes’ drive from the village of Storslett. It is in easy reach of Sørkjosen Airport (30 minute drive) or the airports of Alta (2 hour drive) and Tromsø (4 hour drive). There are daily flights from most UK and EU airports via Oslo Airport to Alta or Tromsø airports (2 hour flight) and the most convenient flights can be booked on www.norwegian.com or www.flysas.com Guests at Reisastua Lodge will be met at and returned to the airport. Change-over day is Sunday.

· Airport pick-up/return
· 7 nights full board accommodation in single bedrooms (breakfast, midday main meal, evening meal)
· 6 days/7 hours guided fly fishing (2 guests per guide)
· Local transport including river boat
· Mandatory government national fishing licence (Fiskeravgift)
· Disinfection of equipment
· Norwegian Value Added Tax (VAT), 14 - 25% dependent on which of above items).

Not included
· Flights to Norway and local airports (Tromsø, Alta and/or Sørkjosen)
· Fishing equipment
· Alcoholic beverages, except for fishing week 27 and 28, Arrangement A
· Gratuities.

Arrangement A (early season),
Four weeks, 30 June t0 28 July 2013 (weekly, Sunday changeover).
• 6 days fishing on selected lower/upper river pools, full guiding service, riverboat transport
• Max 4 rods
• 7 days full board accommodation
• Alcoholic beverage with main meals
• Single bedroom
• One bathroom/toilet per 2/3 bedrooms
• Sauna and outdoor spa/Jacuzzi
• Mandatory National Fishing Licence
• Disinfection of equipment
• Airport pick-up and return.
Price on request.

Arrangement B (late season),

Five weeks, 28 July till 31 August 2013, (weekly, Sunday changeover).

• 6 days fishing on selected lower/upper river pools, full guiding service, riverboat transport
• Max 6 rods
• 7 days full board accommodation
• Single bedrooms
• One bathroom/toilet per 2/3 bedrooms
• Sauna and outdoor spa/Jacuzzi
• Mandatory National Fishing Licence
• Disinfection of equipment
• Airport pick-up and return.
Price on request.


For more information and advice, contact:
Harald Oyen,
Tel: +44 (0)1257 46 4805
Mob: +44 (0)7429 48 7659


Availability - July

Availability - August

To enquire/book please click here.

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